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The risk of a fire is something that mustn’t be overlooked, especially when lives and property are at stake. That’s why this risk should be minimized as much as possible. If you are a business owner, then it is your legal obligation to prevent the loss of lives and property by implementing a comprehensive fire safety plan for your company. A fire sprinkler service Riverside County residents can rely on is here to help! National Fire Protection is your one-stop shop for all your fire sprinkler needs! Here you will get the best fire sprinkler services Southern California can offer. Here you will also find the best selection of fire sprinkler equipment, parts, and tools.

We are a certified fire protection company offering a full range of fire sprinkler services in the U.S..

Nation Fire Protection is a licensed C-16 Fire Protection contractor within servicing the entire U.S.. We are experienced in servicing fire sprinklers for commercial, business, and residential applications. We specialize in fire sprinkler installation, fire sprinkler inspection and testing, deficiency identification, repairs, head replacement, and other related services!

If you need to have your fire sprinklers tested, or you want a fast and reliable fire sprinkler installation in the U.S., we are only a call away! Also, if you are looking for a trusted fire protection contractor to regularly maintain or repair your sprinkler system. We provide a complete range of fire sprinkler services throughout the entire United States.

Reliable fire sprinkler installation and maintenance in the U.S.

Though it may seem to be a simple system of pipes and sprinkler heads, a fire sprinkler system is, in fact, a complex system of components that are carefully engineered and designed. Besides the appropriate fire sprinkler installation, a sprinkler system requires regular maintenance to prevent or eliminate any deficiencies.

A wet-pipe system can fail due to freezing, while a dry-pipe system is at risk of overheating. Corrosion and rust can compromise your piping or the entire fire sprinkler system. Avoid any of this by hiring an experienced fire safety company in the U.S. that can properly install and repair a sprinkler system in any commercial or residential situation.

With National Fire Protection by your side, your fire sprinklers will be prepared to contain a fire at any time! Our skilled fire sprinkler service technicians are among the best in the industry and will come to your site and perform necessary fire sprinkler installation, replacement or repair.

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